How to Get Started in Online Poker

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If you want to play poker but aren’t sure where to start, online poker is a great place to get started. It’s fast, comes with less risk (you can play for pennies), and is available anywhere in the world.

However, online poker is governed by different laws than live poker. This article will cover everything you need to know about legality, games offered and sign-up bonuses.


The legality of online poker is not easy to determine. It depends on the laws of each state, and this is an area that requires a lot of research.

In 2006, Congress passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA). This law made it illegal for US banks to process payments for unlawful gambling sites.

This pushed a number of online poker sites out of the US market, but they were not completely eliminated. They found ways to accept US players, and many still do today.

As a result, several states have passed legislation to regulate online poker and make it legal for in-state players. These states include New Jersey, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

Although legal, online poker is still a risky business. It involves large sums of money, and it can be susceptible to fraud, collusion, ghosting, and multi-accounting. The risk also increases when you play on an offshore site. These sites are not regulated or licensed by the government, and they may have poor security measures.

Games offered

Online poker offers players a wide range of games that they can play with friends. These games include cash games and tournaments.

These games can be played on desktops and mobile devices. Some sites also offer a chat option, which makes it easy to interact with other players.

In addition, online poker is available around the clock and can be played from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. This means that you can play when on a train, at your grandma’s house, or while on vacation.

Online poker is also beneficial for players who want to improve their skills. It can help them learn to read their opponents and situations better, as well as practice goal-setting skills. It can also teach them patience and emotional stability in changing situations, which will help them in their lives outside of poker.

Sign-up bonuses

Online poker sign-up bonuses are a great way to add extra funds to your bankroll. They also give you a chance to try out new sites without making a deposit.

A poker sign-up bonus usually comes in the form of a deposit match or reload offer. These are a great way to get started at a new online poker site, but you should make sure to read the terms and conditions before claiming them.

Almost every poker site offers one of some sort, but not all are created equal. Some are much bigger, requiring you to play a lot of raked hands in order to unlock them, while others are smaller, a bit easier to access.

The best sign-up bonuses are ones that pay you back a percentage of your rake earned. They’re a great way to pad your bankroll and keep you motivated to play poker.


When playing poker online, it’s important to understand how to withdraw your winnings. There are a number of ways to do this.

Credit cards are one of the most popular ways to get money from an online poker site. They’re safe and usually have a relatively fast turnaround time, although they do come with small fees.

If you’re a high roller, wire transfers are another great way to withdraw your winnings. However, this method is only available at a few sites.

Other options for withdrawals are e-wallets and prepaid methods like Ukash. These are often the fastest methods, and can see your funds hit your account in as little as two days.

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