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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Did Google sue you?

Q. Then, why did you shut down ?
I sold that domain, with an understanding to get traffic redirected to this site.

Q. Why don't I see any search results?
The returning no results problem in Firefox is most likely the adblock or adblock plus add-on (extension). Try adding to your exception rules under the adblock options.

Q. Why am I taken to the directory of torrents when I click on a result?
Here, you can find other torrents of the same category. This is in fact amazing, as you will get your desired torrent as well as discover something which you have always wanted, but never got to lay your hands upon.

Q. Is this legal?
The Bit-Torrent technology is legal. The search engine is legal.

Q. I have suggestions/feedback/criticism/ideas for this site. Where do I send them?
Send your emails to