The day Google officially released Google Co-op Custom Search Engine, I immediately had an idea to put this to good use. Torrents are unmistakably a much searched commodity on the internet. However due to the gray lines of legal issues it falls into, no big name like Google Inc., Ask Jeeves, MSN, Yahoo! or AOL have bothered to provide a search solution for torrents.

However, a horde of torrent directory sites and tracker sites have sprung up. Searching all these sites is a tedious job. You know the torrent you are searching does exist. Searching for it on 10+ different sites is a big pain. Google Torrents is a torrent search engine made using Google Co-op's Custom Search Engine.

This is in no way officially Google. All the same it does harness Google's database and search algorithm (just like any other Google search).

Install Firefox with Google Toolbar.

Also, the result page takes you to the directory, where you can find other torrents of the same category. This, is in fact amazing, as you will discover something which you have always wanted, but never got to lay your hands upon.

This search engine is under perpetual evolution and development. If you have any suggestions, please email me at pranav@diggtorrents.com